Covid-19 Update

COVID -19 Update

Things Are Looking Brighter!

Following the latest UK government update with regards to Covid-19 restrictions being lifted from the 19th July, we are of course pleased about returning to a more relaxed way of operating. Our Club has always been very sociable, friendly, and very much a part of the local community. The past 16 months have felt very different with restrictions in place. At times this has been challenging to maintain the Club atmosphere we all love and enjoy.

Your Support

With all the above in mind, the team and I wish to thank you for your continued support throughout the pandemic. Many of you continued to pay membership throughout lockdown; you adhered to the guidelines; you have worked with us to find solutions to keep things relaxed; you volunteered to maintain the Club; you have been honest with us about how you are feeling, and you have communicated respectfully with us on what might help keep our Club, “Letchworth’s Best Kept Secret”.  We couldn’t have done it and didn’t get through this without you, thank you.

From Monday 19th July the following will no longer be compulsory.

  • Wearing a face mask.
  • Social distancing.
  • One-way systems throughout the building.
  • Track and Trace.

Areas Within The Club

  • The side gate to the main building leading to the outdoor courts will go back to being locked from Monday 19th Members will need to use the main entrance through reception as per pre covid to gain access to all areas of the building.
  • Squash members can continue to go straight to the squash block if they have booked their court and paid for any guests using the courts with them. We will not be reverting to the token system as before for the time being. Spot checks will continue.
  • The viewing gallery within the squash block can be used again as normal.
  • The gym will continue to operate a booking system via the app “Gym Sync” and increase the capacity. The booking system appears to be working well for members.
  • The entrance to gym will revert to entering the main club entrance, walking through the clubroom and up the stairs to the gym, apart from early mornings before 8am. Members will continue to sign in to at the gym desk.
  • Reception will remain relatively shielded for the time being and some staff may still wish to wear a mask and keep a distance.
  • Most doors where possible will be kept open to avoid hand contact.
  • We will of course keep on top of our cleaning schedules and replenish hand sanitiser around the club inside and out.

The Orchard Restaurant and Bar

The news we have been waiting to hear at The Orchard for a very long time; restrictions on hospitality venues to be lifted from 19th July! We are thrilled!

So what does this mean for you when visiting your club from Monday?

  • The Orchard will no longer be operating a one-way system so you can access the club room via any door.
  • We will have NHS Track & Trace QR codes up at every door for you to check in should you wish, but this will not be mandatory.
  • We no longer have to operate table service, so come in, find a seat & head up to the bar counter when you are ready to order.
  • We still will be maintaining exceptional levels of hygiene and will be utilising a simple system on each table, which will show you whether a table has been sanitised or not. That way, you can be sure you are sitting at a table which has been properly cleaned.
  • Masks will no longer be mandatory, but you are welcome to wear them, and our staff have been given the choice too.
  • There will be no limits on how many people to a table, but we will keep our tables set for a maximum of 6. Should you like to join us as a bigger group, please ring in advance so that we can set up a table for you.
  • We are thrilled to be permitted to operate private functions! - If you have been waiting to celebrate with friends & family, then why not pop in and speak to Joy about exclusive hire of the venue on Saturday nights!
  • Although restrictions are lifting, we will still do everything we can to ensure our venue remains as safe as it can - our staff will still be lateral flow testing regularly and should they show any symptoms, will not be permitted to work.

Finally, a personal message from all of The Orchard Team to say thank you for your patience & understanding whilst we have been under the current restrictions. It has been a testing time for everyone, and we cannot wait to open up the doors fully and operate in a much more relaxed way, which has always been our intention.

The Orchard Team

Considering Others

We appreciate that whilst many of you will be pleased that restrictions are being lifted, many people may still wish to continue to wear a mask and maintain socially distancing. We politely ask that everyone is respectful of this when in each other’s company.

We look forward to welcoming you all back to a new normal, both carefully and safely.

Kind regards

Mel Loten

General Manager