Letchworth Fitness

Letchworth Fitness

Letchworth Fitness is the perfect environment for getting and staying in shape. The gym is packed with varied equipment, unique fitness services and qualified and friendly staff.

Membership features:

· No joining fee, no contract
· Unlimited usage of the gym
· Multiple fitness classes including storm circuits and spinning
· Power racks, Smith machine and dumbbells up to 40kg
· Warrior Grading System
. 4 watt bikes
. CC Gym Games

Our well-equipped gym includes the following items:

A range of cardiovascular machines, resistance machines, free weights, club bells, medicine balls, punch bags and TRX's. Treadmills, watt bikes, Rowing Machines, Cross Trainers, Bikes, Squat Racks, Smith Machine, Olympic Bars, Dumbbells ranging from 1-40kg, Kettle bells ranging from 8-40kg, Club bells, TRX’s, Functional Cable Machine, Leg Extension, Hamstring Curl, Leg Press, Lat Pull down, T-Bar Row, Assisted Dips/Pull ups Machine, Calf Raise Machine

Additionally, Letchworth Fitness have a large studio, which is used for classes. Changing rooms are available with showers and lockers.

Opening Times

Monday 07:00-14:15 & 17:00-19:30

Tuesday 07:00-14:15 & 17:00-19:30

Wednesday 07:00-14:15 & 17:00-19:30

Thursday 07:00-14:15 & 17:00-19:30

Friday 07:00-14:15 & 17:00-19:30

Saturday 08:30-13:15

Sunday 09:00-12:30

All bookings for gym slots and classes are by appointment only using the GymSync app.

To find out more visit: www.letchworthfitness.co.uk