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Inter-Club Competitions at LSTC
Letchworth Sports and Tennis Club offers all year round opportunities to play representative competitive team tennis in singles, doubles and mixed doubles in local and national competitions.
The Club Teams Opt-in Survey
Each year the LSTC League Committee runs an opt-in survey to see which members would like to play in these competitions. For the summer leagues, this is usually in January, while for the winter leagues it is usually early July.  If you missed the opt-in but would like to play in one or more of the leagues, please contact the League Committee by clicking here.
Summer Team Captains
National League
Ladies 1st - Ros Poliakoff
Men's 1st Team - Dom Ross Hurst
Men's 2nd Team - Ben Mynott
Men's 3rd Team - Martin Wein
Hot Rackets League
Ladies 1st Team - Rachel Canning
Ladies 2nd Team - Jackie Tomlinson
Ladies 3rd Team - Rachel Canning
Men's 1st Team - Robert Newby
Men's 2nd Team - Ian Robinson
Men's 3rd Team - Bob Press
Herts County League
Ladies 1st Team - Catherine Jones
Ladies 2nd Team - Maria Martin
Men's 1st Team - Jon Beardsall
Men's 2nd Team - Matt Cox
Datchworth Mixed League
LSTC 1st Team - Mike Ingram
LSTC 2nd Team - Emma Hill
LSTC 3rd Team - Paul Baker
LSTC 4th Team - Kunal Gupta
Orchard Ladies Friendly League
LSTC Ladies 1st Team - Emma Hill
LSTC Ladies 2nd Team - Emma Hill
Winter Team Captains
Datchworth League
LSTC 1st Team - Tony Hayes
LSTC 2nd Team - Julie Pedersen
LSTC 3rd Team - Emma Hill
LSTC 4th Team - Marcella Santoni
East Herts Mixed
Team 1 - Glynn Railton
Team 2 - Maria Martin
Team 3 - Kate Ogden
Ladies Vets
Ladies 40 1A - Carla Birks
Ladies 40 2A - Jan Laing
Ladies 40 3A - Emma Hill
Ladies 40 4A - Liz Ibbotson
Ladies 50A - Sue Worboys
Ladies 50B - Jackie Tomlinson
Ladies 60A - Wendy Cottenden
Ladies 60B - Rosie Walker
Ladies 60C - Sally Hewitt
Mens Vets
Mens 45 1st - Ben Mynott
Mens 45 2nd - Matt Cox
Mens 55 1st - Richard Huxtable
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