Coaching (11-18 yrs)

Coaching 11 - 18 years

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The Junior tennis programme is for children aged between 12 and 18, tailored to develop a range of skills.

The goal is to enable children to improve with the help of coaches who aim to:

  • inspire the children
  • introduce players to competition
  • create a fun and challenging environment
  • teach the basics of the game


The junior programme is split into 3 categories:

Development - Acquisition of basic skills, movement and strokes; catching, throwing, balancing all linked to help them deliver and receive a tennis ball. Moving on to further development of tennis strokes, movement, grips, swings and rules. An understanding of tactics, rallying and scoring is also acquired.

Team - Demonstration of good ball control, tactics, point planning and execution.

Performance - Please see the Performance page.


Terms & Conditions

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