New Members’ Tennis Induction

Joining a new sports club can be daunting. What exactly is on offer? How does it all work? How do I meet other players, especially those of similar ability to me?

LSTC offers an Induction session to welcome all new adult members to enable you to get to know the club. The aim is to explain everything we have on offer at the club and more importantly, to point members in the direction of those sessions best suited to both their current ability and their ultimate tennis aims. These can include everything from social play at all levels, group or individual coaching, internal and external competitions, drills and cardio tennis. It also provides an opportunity to meet other new members.

Induction sessions are fun and free! Each consists of one hour’s structured play on an indoor court. Afterwards we adjourn to the bar where – over a FREE DRINK we provide information on:

Inductions are run on the last week of every month from 8pm

  • Court etiquette and safety
  • The various tennis sessions and courses available to members
  • The coaching available at LSTC
  • How to book courts
  • Internal competitions
  • External (team) competitions (a huge range for all levels)


New members can choose to attend one induction during any of the first three months of their membership. You must be a member to attend – this is not a taster session. We also ask that individuals inform Reception if they are intending to come to an Induction, but it is not compulsory to do so.

Inductions are run by both our board members and coaching team.

"We look forward to seeing you there"