Mini Tennis Timetable & Prices

Mini Tennis Timetable

14 weeks, 3rd Sep — 22nd Dec 2018

(Half term: 22nd Oct—3rd Nov  <13 Days>)

Note - Matchplay and Tots sessions are bookable up to 2 weeks in advance at Reception or over the phone.

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DayCourseTimeCoachMemberNon Member
MondayRed Club Night16:00 - 17:00KhalidFREE£6 Pay and Play
MondayGreen Development16:00 - 17:00John Bennet£136£178
MondayOrange Development16:00 - 17:00Maddy Walker£136£178
MondaySuperminis17:00 - 18:00Charlotte GibbonsINVITATIONAL ONLYINVITATIONAL ONLY
MondayOrange Team17:00 - 18:00James Thomas£147£189
TuesdayRed Team16:00 - 17:00Sharna McNally£147£189
TuesdayRed Development16:00 - 17:00Maddy Walker£136£178
TuesdayGreen Team17:00 - 18:00Ben Wilsher£147£189
TuesdayRed Club17:00 - 18:00Sharna McNally£136£178
WednesdayOrange Development16:00 - 17:00John Bennet£136£178
WednesdaySuperMini Orange16:30 - 17:30Charlotte GibbonsINVITATION ONLYINVITATION ONLY
WednesdaySuperMini Orange17.30 - 18.30Charlotte GibbonsINVITATION ONLYINVITATION ONLY
WednesdaySuperMini Green17:00 - 18:30Jerry RoseINVITATION ONLYINVITATION ONLY
ThursdayTots Tennis13:45 - 14:30Maddy Walker£6 Pay and Play / £70 FOR TERM£6 Pay and Play / £70 FOR TERM
ThursdayOrange/Green Club16:00 - 17:00Maddy Walker£136£178
ThursdayRed Club16:00 - 17:00Carla Birks£136£178
FridayOrange/Green Club Night16:00 - 17:00Ethan P-DunthorneFREE£6 Pay and Play
FridayMini Fitness16.05 - 16.55James Thomas£5 Pay and Play£8 Pay and Play
FridayRed Club16:00 - 17:00Maddy Walker£136£178
FridayRed Development16:00 - 17:00John Bennet£136£178
FridaySuperMini Orange17:00 - 18:00Charlotte GibbonsINVITATION ONLYINVITATION ONLY
FridaySuperMini Green18:00 - 19.00Ben WilsherINVITATION ONLYINVITATION ONLY
SaturdayTots Tennis09:00 - 9:45Ben Wilsher£6 Pay and Play / £70 FOR TERM£6 Pay and Play / £70 FOR TERM
SaturdayRed Development09:00 - 10:00Sharna McNally£136£178
SaturdayRed Club10:00 - 11:00Carla Birks£136£178
SaturdayGreen Development10:00 - 11:00Gary Chamberlain£136£178
SaturdayRed Development11:00 - 12:00Carla Birks£136£178
SaturdayOrange Development11:00 - 12:00Gary Chamberlain£136£178
SaturdayRed Invitational12:00 - 13:00Ben Wilsher & Sharna McNallyINVITATION ONLYINVITATION ONLY
SaturdaySupermini Red12:00 - 13:00James Thomas & Neil ClaxtonINVITATION ONLYINVITATION ONLY
SaturdayGreen Club12:00 - 13:00Gary Chamberlain£136£178
SaturdayRed Club13.00 - 14.00Carla Birks£136£178
SaturdayOrange Club13.00 - 14.00Chris Chapman£136£178
SaturdayRed Matchplay13:00 - 14:00Will Newton£5 Pay and Play£8 Pay and Play
SaturdayOrange Matchplay14:00 - 15:30Will Newton£7 Pay and Play£10 Pay and Play
SaturdayGreen Matchplay15:30 - 17:00Will Newton£7 Pay and Play£10 Pay and Play
SundayTots Tennis09.10 - 09.55Sharna McNally£6 Pay and Play / £70 FOR TERM£6 Pay and Play / £70 FOR TERM
SundayRed Club10:00 - 11:00Gary Chamberlain£136£178
SundayRed Development11:00 - 12:00Gary Chamberlain£136£178
SundayGirls Invitational11:00 - 12:00Charlotte GibbonsINVITATION ONLYINVITATION ONLY
SundayGirls In Sport Red (Girls Only)12:00 - 13:00Charlotte Gibbons£136£178
SundayGirls In Sport Orange/Green (Girls Only)13:00 - 14:00Charlotte Gibbons£136£178

*Green Matchplay takes place on selected Saturday's. Speak to Reception for more information. Or see the LTA competitions search online.

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