Membership Types & Prices

Membership Types & Prices

LSTC offers a wide range of membership categories:


CategoryAgeAnnualMonthly DD*Pay Per MonthIncluded
Club Senior Plus+75+£252£23Tennis, Gym, Squash
Club Senior65+£403£37.25Tennis, Gym, Squash
Club Adult26+£504£46Tennis, Gym, Squash
Club Young Adult19-25£346£30.75Tennis, Gym, Squash
Club Junior11-18£222£20.50Tennis, Gym, Squash
CategoryAgeAnnualMonthly DD*Pay Per MonthIncluded
Tennis Senior Plus+75+£203£18.50Tennis
Tennis Senior65+£327£30Tennis
Tennis Adult26+£407£37Tennis
Tennis Young Adult19-25£279£25.75Tennis
Tennis Junior11-18£139Tennis
Tennis Mini4-10£100Tennis
CategoryAgeAnnualMonthly DD *Pay Per MonthIncluded
Gym Adult26+£279.50£27.95£33Gym
Gym Young Adult19-25£229.50£22.95£28Gym
Gym Junior11-18£169.50£16.95£21Gym
CategoryAgeAnnualMonthly DD*Pay Per MonthIncluded
Squash Senior Plus+75+£58£5.45Squash
Squash Senior65+£92£8.70Squash
Squash Adult26+£115£10.85Squash
Squash Young Adult19-25+£77£7.45Squash
Squash Junior11-18+£44Squash

For Croquet membership information please contact Andrea Carr -

Tennis Non-Member
Guest Fees
Tennis Non-Member
Coaching Guest Fees
Gym Non-Member
Guest Fees
£12 Adult
£5 Junior
£2 Mini Zone (U8)
£10 Adult
£5 Junior
£2 Mini Zone Coaching (U8)
£8 Adult
£5 Junior
£5 Class/PT

Membership Discounts

10% Joint Discount on Club or Tennis (No discount applies to gym or squash membership)
20% off any Junior or Mini Club/Tennis membership linked to a parent member of LSTC (No discount applies to gym membership)

*Direct Debit

Initial payment to include the pro-rata cost for the current month of joining plus the full of cost of the following month.